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About Holly Sabine Nerreter Art

Holly Sabine Nerreter was born in Nuremberg ,Germany in 1967.

From an early age on ,she was fascinated by creating and sharing an insight into her life via Art.

Art college and studies followed.

She moved to the U.K in 1989.

She works in mixed medias and has created various paintings, sculpture and photographic work.

Her heart belongs to illustration and drawing.

After immigrating to San Diego, United States in 2008 , she did create

projects that were outlets to her emotional well being and also

immediate reaction to her surroundings.

She now lives in Greenwich,London UK with her Twinsister and fellow artist Ricki Nerreter.

Her series "PRECIOUS LIFE" ( inspired by the street photographic work of S. Stein) depicts life on the street for woman in So Cal.

Emotion in art is a prominent feature in her work.

The eyes playing the keyrole.

She intends to transport the emotional distress caused by mental health issues, drug abuse, addiction and family/relationship break downs.

She wants you to look close, acknowledge the human being, create empathy.

There is beauty in each one of them.

The works should invite you to make these woman visible.

Don't look away.

The woman she portrays are set in gold and silver leaf leaf.

They are PRECIOUS.

(Thank you Suzanne for introducing me to Genevine ,Doreen ,Victoria and Electra.)

Her current body of work " LOVE HURTS" puts you in the shoes of a Peeping Tom.

But not for your pleasure..

Set in peek-a-boo hearts, an insight is given to the horrors and distress caused by domestic violence and abuse.

Regardless if psychological or physical abuse, the  wounds and scars remain the same.

Yet instead of trying to heal with the help of family and friends, the truth is hidden away,

covered with make believe and excuses to cover up the trauma caused.

It is a very personal journey.

The artist herself applies this as her way of therapy.

The eyes play a keyrole .

They are filled with sadness or distress and fear.

We see bruises and cuts, but the pain and anguish goes even deeper and stays for much longer.

 LOVE HURTS I "Snitches get Stitches" is set in a overproportional  big frame.

The victim is made to feel small.

Unimportant.Not equal.Overpowered.

Almost non existent.

Kept down.

The abused has no chance to seek for help ,as the abuser forbids and sabotages the possibility of reaching out for help.

"No one would believe" the victim anyways, and if they would, the abuser made sure it was the only time this truth was spoken.

LOVE HURTS II "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

The victim is bullied into believing s/he is ugly and worthless.

Never would anyone touch her or him anyways, but the abuser.

Never thin enough, pretty enough, hot enough, tall enough.

The piece is set in an ornate frame.

The body and soul so fragile.

Never being the One for the One is a tiring journey to self hatred.

The Artist tries to show the beauty .

You are good enough.

LOVE HURTS III "The winner takes it all"

Even when the victim can walk away ..

Luckily survived , has not been killed or killed themselves.. it can be a life long journey back to any sense of self confidence and self worth.

The abuser took away all he could .

After all he has none of it themselves, thats why he abuses.

Time that could have been spend with a caring partner/friend/family member.

Self-confidence .

Self worth.

Self Care.

Material things (parasitic)

Your friends (alienated)

Your family (isolated)

Your sanity (gas lighting)

Your inner peace.

LOVE HURTS IV (The Love Bombing)

To add pressure to the abused, the abuser comes back with promises of love

and regret.

The victim in this work is elderly.

Many victims stay with their abuser "till death do us part".

The practice of Love Bombing  bonds the victim...often for life.

This trauma bond is very hard to dissolve.


Currently working on LOVE HURTS V. "The Speed of Pain"

HollySabineNerreterArt is self chosen therapy and emotional outlet .

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